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At the annual general meeting of shareholders 2021 Castle Alternative Invest Ltd. in liquidatio) was put into liquidation. The company is currently in the process of realizing its remaining assets. The delisting of all 5'043'659 registered shares from SIX Swiss Exchange was requested and approved for 1st June 2022.

our team


Beny Meyer, General Manager

Benedikt Meyer is an Executive Director at LGT Capital Partners.
Prior to joining LGT Capital Partners in 2010, Mr. Meyer worked for Partners Group AG in Zug and London in various positions. Previously Mr. Meyer worked for a financial services firm focusing on private equity investments.

Pia Skogstrom, Investor Relations

Pia Skogstrom is an Associate Director at LGT Capital Partners.
Prior to joining LGT Capital Partners, Ms. Skogstrom was head of investor relations at KGR Capital, a specialist fund of hedge fund manager that was acquired by LGT Capital Partners in 2008. Before joining KGR Capital,
Ms. Skogstrom worked for Integrated Asset Management, a global fund of hedge fund manager, and prior to that spent four years in the technology venture capital sector.

Ms. Skogstrom is a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals and is registered with the FCA.

Our team


Dr. Konrad Bächinger (Liquidator/Chairman and Remuneration Committee Member)

Dr. Konrad Bächinger (Swiss citizen, 1950) received a Ph.D. in law from the University of Zurich. He was admitted to the bar in 1977. He acted subsequently as legal counsel for the St. Gallische Creditanstalt and as head of legal department of Adolph Saurer AG. In 1984, he joined LGT Bank in Liechtenstein as general counsel. In 1989 he was appointed managing director and head of legal matters and project department. In 1990 he became member of the executive board of the bank, heading commercial banking and legal matters. In 1998 he became chief executive officer of LGT Capital Management. In April 2001, Dr. Bächinger was appointed to the group executive committee of Liechtenstein Global Trust, now known as LGT Group Foundation. In 2006, he became a senior advisor of LGT Group Foundation and in 2010 he retired from LGT. Dr. Bächinger is also deputy chairman of the board of directors of Castle Private Equity AG and chairman und board member of several investment companies managed or owned by affiliates of LGT Group Foundation. Dr. Bächinger was elected to the board of directors of Castle Alternative Invest AG in 1997.

Dr. André Lagger (Liquidator/Director and Remuneration Committee Chairman)

Dr André Lagger (Swiss citizen, 1962) received a Ph.D. in business administration from the University of Berne and completed studies at the Swiss Banking School. He began his career at Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich, moving to UBS London in 1994 as head of corporate development of UBS London. In 1997, he joined LGT Services in Zurich as head of corporate controlling. Subsequently, he became, in 1998, member of the executive board and chief financial officer of LGT Capital Management in Vaduz and in 2001, chief executive officer of LGT Financial Services. Since October 2006, he has been CEO of the business unit operations & technology of LGT Group Foundation. Dr. Lagger was elected to the board of directors of Castle Alternatvie Invest AG in 2011.


Kevin Mathews (Liquidator/Director)

Kevin Mathews (Irish citizen, 1960) received a diploma in financial services from the Institute of Bankers at University College Dublin in 1995 and is a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA). He joined the Irish Department of Labour in Dublin prior to working in key account management for Svenska Handelsbanken in Luxemburg between 1986 and 1995. He was managing director of LGT Bank (Ireland) between 1995 and 2006. He is currently providing consultancy and advisory services to banking, investment funds, local government and charitable organisations including acting as director of a number of private equity and hedge funds. Kevin Mathews was elected to the board of directors of Castle Alternative Invest AG in 2008.