Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR | Castle Alternative Invest AG (in Liquidation) distributes a 1st liquidation dividend of CHF 12.89 per share as of 2nd December 2021

As previously announced on September 3, 2021, Castle Alternative Invest AG plans the distribution of a liquidation dividend. The company’s liquidators today approved a liquidating distribution of CHF 12.89 per registered share. This represents a distribution of CHF 65 million or 88% of the Fund’s net asset value as of 31st October 2021. CHF 9.42 per registered share will be distributed from general legal reserves from capital contributions (not subject to withholding tax) and CHF 3.47 per registered share will be distributed from accumulated surplus (subject to withholding tax). The distribution takes place as of Thursday, 2nd December 2021 (Ex-Date: Tuesday, 30th November 2021.

26 November 21, 6:11 PM

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